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  • Dec 2017

    At Motov8’s Flat Track Day #2, OzDroneImagery were on hand to capture aerial and ground videography of the day’s events. Our favourite tool for the day was definitely the brilliant Charter’s Pole – a 4 metre tall carbon fiber camera boom! We got our Osmo+ right up close to the action.

  • Apr 2017

    Australia’s own fishing TV show, That’s Fishing, graciously gave us the opportunity to check out their new boat and fly drones. Win!

  • Jan 2017

    OzDroneImagery’s new “ROKH” is the be-all and end-all of flexible, autonomous drone platforms. Specifications Payload: max 10kg Max Thrust: 24kg Run time: ~20 minutes (with camera) Weight: 4.1kg without batteries Frame: Y6 hexacopter – carbon fiber / 6061 aluminium Propellers: Carbon fiber 15.5″ Fault-tolerance (multiple redundant power sources, up to two simultaneous motor failures, triple […]