OzDroneImagery’s new “ROKH” is the be-all and end-all of flexible, autonomous drone platforms.


  • Payload: max 10kg
  • Max Thrust: 24kg
  • Run time: ~20 minutes (with camera)
  • Weight: 4.1kg without batteries
  • Frame: Y6 hexacopter – carbon fiber / 6061 aluminium
  • Propellers: Carbon fiber 15.5″
  • Fault-tolerance (multiple redundant power sources, up to two simultaneous motor failures, triple redundant IMU, compass, GPS)
  • Max power (Peak, 30 sec): 5,408W
  • Max power (RMS): 4,216W
  • Avg power (7.4kg flight weight): 1,206W
  • Long-range¬†redundant radio links
  • On-board radio modem for mission control
  • Dual-operator flight and camera control


The ROKH boasts a tough and durable carbon fibre / aluminium frame that is flexible enough to support almost any configuration you can imagine. Out of the box it is designed to run as either a 6 arm / 6 motor “X” hexacopter, or a 3 arm / 6 motor “Y6”. Options include eight-arm octocopter layout or four-arm “X8” configuration.

At the heart of the ROKH lies a choice of Pixhawk PX4, DJI Naza-M V2, DJI A3 with lightbridge, or the brand new Pixhawk 2 – pre-configured, tuned for the payload, and ready for action. These flight controllers represent the very best in reliability, flexibility and ease of use, so the ROKH will always have the guts and the brains to step up to any task.

Lifting the beast off the ground is six 48 x 30mm powerhouse motors, each one built to crazy tolerances and boasting 4.02 kilograms of thrust while weighing less than 150g. These are no pushovers, and easily swing a 15.5-inch ultra-lightweight carbon fibre propeller tuned for silence. Of course, each propeller on the ROKH is precision laser-balanced ready for use.

The ROKH draws its power from two¬†8,000mAh graphene-enriched lithium polymer batteries for ultra-long run-time and punch-out power when it’s needed. Our ROKH stays in the air for more than twenty-three minutes with a ~6kg payload.

Keeping the beast tamed is an ultra high-end radio-control link with built in data modem. This means the ROKH can fly in adverse radio conditions or around obstacles without ever having to worry about losing control. The radio modem means the pilot can upload and view live mission parameters, tune the ROKH’s flight characteristics, and monitor telemetry without ever having to take their paws off the controls. The flexibility allows adaptation to suit any system – the ROKH is ready to integrate with new sensors and transmit the additional data via the existing radio modem stream. Unlike other advanced drone platforms, the system is simple and robust.

We’ll be equipping our Rokh to carry a BlackMagic Micro Cinematic Camera, which fits MFT lenses and supports full control from the ground, including focus, zoom, and iris via the remote interface! Win!


Built to order.

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